Machine Learning using Python


Why this course ?

  • Now a day’s Machine Learning is one of the most sought after skills in industry.
  • Python plays a important role in the adoption of Machine Learning (ML) in the business environment.
  • After completion of this course students will understand and apply the concepts of machine learning and applied statistics for real world problems.
  • In this course learners will be introduced to real-world use cases of Machine Learning with Python for a Hands-On learning experience which would prepare them to create applications efficiently.

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7.5 Hours




  • Why Hands-On Online Training ?
    A chance to learn Wherever and Whenever.
    Why Digital Learning ?
    Digital Learning can improve memory performance.....
    Cost-effective training program.


Linear Regression on bi-variate data
Python implementation of linear regression with bi-variate data
Multivariate regression and Polynomial regression
Python implementaion of Gradient descent update rule for regression
Pyhton implementation of linear regression with multivariate data and polynomial regression
Introduction & Installation of Anconda_Jupyter
Introduction to Numpy
Introduction to Matplotlib
Introduction to Pandas
Brief introduction to Probability and Statistics
Understanding different types of data
Examining distribution of the variables
Examining relationship among variables
Exploratory data analysis using python
Dimensionality and its problem. Linear algebra review: Eigen Value Decomposition
Principal component analysis
Principal component analysis in python
Classification problem. introduction to Logistic regression for binary classification problem
Logistic regression on Binary classification problem and multiclass classification problem. Metrics for classification.
Python program on GD update rule for logistic regression
Python implementation of LR with binary and multiclass classification problem
k-Means clustering algorithm and its limitation
Implementation of k-means clustering
Hierarchical clustering
Implementation of hierarchical clustering in python
Perceptron and its learning rule, Limitations of perceptron
ANN: Multilayered perceptron architecture
ANN: Learning rule - Backprop
Build a ANN for hand digit recognition task in python
kNN classifier
Implementation of kNN classifier using python
Naïve Bayes Classifier
Implementation of Naïve bayes classifier using python
Decision Tree Classifier-I
Implementation of Decision tree classifier using python
Support vector machine
Implementation of SVM classifier using python
Random Forest Classifier
Implementation of RF classifier using python




Course Name: Machine Learning using Python