Govt. data analytics

Public money is finite – and when budgets and resources are limited, you must ensure that all available resources are spent on services. It's vital to prevent fraud, error and abuse that drains money from the system. You can proactively detect fraud and prevent improper payments across a variety of areas:

Tax and revenue. Close the tax gap by improving audits and investigations through prediction of tax fraud and noncompliance, and finding suspicious activity quickly.

Unemployment and workforce programs. Diagnose the eligibility and legitimacy of claims in unemployment and workers' compensation programs – including employee misclassifications – by analyzing disparate sources of big data.

Benefits programs. Save billions by moving beyond "pay and chase" for national, state, regional and local benefits programs. An integrated workflow enables you to analyze data from multiple sources to detect potential fraud in near-real time, preventing improper payments before they go out.

Procurement fraud. Help your procurement shop make smarter, more efficient agency buys, while ensuring that taxpayer money is spent appropriately from both a compliance (acquisition goals, regulatory and statutory requirements) and legal (e.g., no fraud, waste or abuse) perspective.

A single version of the truth for fighting crime and protecting the homeland. Real-time decision making that helps keep the public safe. And an integrated suite of solutions for homeland security and criminal justice professionals – including executives, border agents, analysts and officers. We deliver solutions that provide critical information for:

  • Law enforcement. Improve intelligence, support policing best practices, reduce crime and protect citizens by providing access to secure, accurate, real-time information at every stage of the intelligence life cycle.
  • Fusion centers. Process and corroborate information from multiple data sources, and give law enforcement and security agency personnel – analysts, investigators, officers and commanders – fast, secure access to intelligence they can use to act on threats to the public.
  • Border management. Enable border agents to determine which travelers and cargos are most likely to be high-risk or illegal – as well as which should be unimpeded – based on all available, relevant information sources, including social network linkages.
  • Intelligence management. Quickly and securely collect, process, evaluate, grade, analyze and disseminate intelligence garnered from big data.
  • Insider threats. Identify the precursors of malicious acts, and know which technical and nontechnical countermeasures will improve your organization’s survivability and resiliency.

  • Government organizations are under pressure to deliver on a variety of fronts – keeping costs under control, increasing productivity, improving public health and safety, maintaining a vibrant economic environment and delivering services that provide a high quality of life for citizens. Our solutions help you to improve services – and drive out costs – when it comes to:

      • Citizen engagement. Better understand public sentiment by analyzing what citizens are saying on social media and other channels. Develop strategies to improve performance, allocate resources and fund capital projects that will address community needs.
      • Child well-being. Help ensure the safety and well-being of children by identifying and proactively addressing situations that put children at risk.
      • Economic development. Nurture ongoing economic growth by using analytics to formulate revenue projections based on property values in both current and developing residential and commercial areas.
      • Performance management. Adopt a world-class performance management and analytics platform that comprises data collection, comparative metrics and advanced analytics tools, providing local government managers and elected officials valuable insight into their organizations and communities.
      • Public safety. Get a clear picture of criminal activity in your community by analyzing all related data to identify and predict trends and contributing factors. Use this information to allocate financial and staff resources to plan for and address future scenarios.
      • Smart cities. Enhance quality of life by dynamically analyzing data on economic development, sustainability, transportation and citizen engagement. Adopt the internet of things as an enabling technology to become more innovative and productive – and provide better citizen services.
      • Taxes and benefits. Maximize revenue collection, and improve the rate and speed of collection and recovery. Ensure benefits go to the right people at the right time. Minimize leakage, and identify known and unknown risk before it affects revenue.
      • Gain a more complete view of who your customers and citizens are, helping you manage their increasing demands as effectively as possible. Use key insights to gauge public sentiment, create better policies and improve operational decisions – while reducing costs. Our solutions help you enhance the citizen experience through:

        • Service response. Tailor services to meet requirements and ensure that citizens who need services most receive those services efficiently and effectively.
        • Public sentiment analysis. Delve into all types of citizen comments and feedback from a variety of data sources, including social media.
        • Policy analysis. Better understand citizen reactions to potential policy changes, and assess the global impact of policy and news.
        • Early indicators and warnings. Identify and categorize emerging patterns of potential crises.