Health care data analytics

Targeted, effective health care programs and policies. Better transparency, accountability and fiscal integrity. And a health analytics foundation that drives business, clinical and programmatic insights. Our solutions help you improve your effectiveness in:

  • Population health outcomes. Analyze big data to identify health disparities, target health care programs most effectively, and ensure the proper allocation of health care resources.
  • All-payer claims databases (APCD). View how and where the cost and quality of health care can be improved – and scale your health data infrastructure to meet your state’s needs.
  • Transparency. Explore and analyze cost, quality, access and utilization data to gain insights. Identify patterns and trends unique to your geographic area. And share that information with the public.
  • Health care fraud, waste and abuse. Rapidly detect and investigate suspicious claims – and identify collusive behavior among criminal networks – before improper payments are issued.