LMS for Sales Team Training

LMS for Sales Team TrainingSales Training is a dynamic process with regular changes in products,Services, customers, employees and regions. It demands steady training on the multiple approaches. KLMS comes with a host of features aimedat enhancing a Sales Team’s ability to practice and perfect their sales skills. KLMS is also a trueMobile-First LMS,easily integrating with all mobile devices like mobile phones, tablets, multimedia devices, and laptops.

The KLMS is equipped with a native mobile phone app, allowing sales professionals to access information and training on sales techniques, products, and services while on the move. Using KLMS’s offline feature, Sales Team members can download and access training and learningcontent.

KLMS gives your Sales Team an edge over other sales professionals with critical sales enabling information available whenever and wherever.

Why an LMS for Sales Teams?

Sales professionals need steady information and training to successfully close a sales deal.Informed sales professionals display higher closing rates. A mobile LMS platform allows sales individuals to access information when most needed—before or even during a sales meeting!

Implementing an LMS provides reporting and analytical tools which help identify areas of improvement for the Sales Team members. It is a way to further refine the art of sales. KLMSalso allows LMS administrators to manage courses via mobile tablets in landscape mode.

Best-in-Class: LMS

  • Modern and easy-to-use interface
  • Whenever and Whereverdelivery
  • Highly configurable features
  • Automation of certification
  • Badges and Gamification to improve employee engagement
  • Secure and reliable
  • Highly scalable and robust
  • Amazon cloud-hosted
  • Robust analytics
  • Surveys for feedback
  • Enhanced reporting for evaluation
  • Advanced analytics for assessments
  • Bite size program
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