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PGDME-Jadavpur University

  • 44 weeks
  • 264 Hours

Upgrade your skills and acquire new capabilities through industry and function specific Coursework, Term papers, PG Level Comprehensive Project, and Multi-element Evaluation.

Course Overview

PGDME is designed for the Ambitious and Busy individuals who intend to forge ahead in life, reach the goals they truly desire and achieve SUCCESS, in whatever fields they are in or want to be in, through Self-belief, Transformation of Mindset, Capability- building, Strategy and Actions.Prof Ranjan Das, Chairperson & Dean, The Strategy Academy Centre for Advanced Studies and Prof of Strategic Management, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta [IIMC]


More than 50 Indian companies, one University, One MHRD Institute and India’s largest industry association have used the resources and capabilities of the Academy, considering the following:
1. Unique Dual Learning Process that recognizes participant’s desire and need to learn on a particular subject area through different sources and in a variety of ways.
2. A variety of Learning & Development Programs in Strategy, Leadership, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and General and Functional Management areas ; as a matter of fact, any subject matter [not just business and management topics] can be delivered, since SLTS is content neutral, location neutral, device neutral, platform neutral & scalable.
3. Network of Faculty [ teaching at Indian as well as overseas business schools].
4. Streaming Video and Audio Platform - 100% LIVE and 2 way interactive - accessible from ANYWHERE and by participant on one2one basis.
5. Special capabilities in Strategy and General Management Consulting.

What you'll learn

  • Cross-Functional Skills in Different Areas of Management
  • Strategy and Leadership Skills and Acquire an Entrepreneurial Mind
  • Special Focus Area Data Science

Semester 1

  • Understanding financial statement [P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow] – I
  • Understanding financial statement [P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow] – II
  • Understanding financial statement [P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow] – III
  • Ratio Analysis – I
  • Ratio Analysis – II
  • Understanding Cost and different types of costs
  • Marginal Costing, Relevant cost and Responsibility Accounting
  • Budgeting, Variance Analysis, Activity Based Costing, Target Costing and Lifecycle Costing
  • Overview of Micro and Macro Economics and its managerial implications, Basic of supply and demand
  • Market structure
  • Measuring the Economy
  • Financial Markets, savings and Investments
  • Money, Inflation and Exchange Rate
  • Fiscal and Monetary Policy
  • Unemployment and natural rate and cost of living
  • Open economy dynamics - BOP and BOT
  • Customer, Industry and competitor: The concept of value creation and capture
  • Segmentation, targeting and positioning, marketing mix – consumer markets – I
  • Segmentation, targeting and positioning, marketing mix – Business Markets – II
  • Analysing institutional markets
  • Brands and Branding
  • Pricing strategies
  • Marketing channels and management of channels
  • Integrated marketing communication
  • Competitiveness through operation management; Process efficiency and productivity: an introduction
  • Aggregate sales, operations planning and scheduling
  • Supply Chain Management – I
  • Supply Chain Management – II
  • Understanding process, process fundamentals and process capabilities
  • TPM and TQM – I
  • Concepts of Six Sigma and its applications
  • Project Management
  • Understanding personal and interpersonal effectiveness – Self, Interpersonal relations, group dynamics and concept of Team
  • Understanding organization - structure, systems and processes and culture
  • Managerial Skills - Negotiation and conflict resolution; Communication
  • Managerial Skills - Team building; Coaching and mentoring
  • Managerial Skills - Managerial communication, Time and meeting Management
  • Managerial Skill- Problem solving; Making things happen
  • Understanding leadership and culture
  • Managing Oneself

Semester 2

  • Introduction to financial management and working of the financial system
  • Capital Budgeting and, time permitting, Capital Structuree
  • Capital Structure, Sources of Financing, Cost of Capital
  • Sources of Finance, Cost of Capital and Working Capital Management
  • Working capital, working capital management and working capital financing
  • Special topics in financing: Leasing, hire purchase, factoring, project and infrastructure financing, mutual fund, private equity, venture capital fund and hedge fund
  • International Financial Management
  • Forecasting Financial statements
  • Aligning Business Strategy and HR
  • Recruitment and Selection and onboarding
  • Performance appraisal, Compensation and benefits
  • Induction, Learning and Development
  • Talent Development and retention
  • Career and Succession planning
  • HR as Strategic Partner of business
  • Special challenges facing HR in 21st century
  • Basic Concepts and Data Presentation
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Probability
  • Probability Distribution
  • Confidence Interval Estimation
  • Fundamentals of Hypothesis Testing
  • SLRM
  • Forecasting
  • Concept of Strategy and Characteristics of strategic Decisions
  • Strategy Process – An overview
  • Strategic Analysis – Industry and Competitive Analysis
  • Strategic Analysis – Resources and Capability Analysis
  • Corporate and Competitive Strategy
  • Consolidation, Growth and Turnaround Strategy
  • Development of strategic options and evaluation of strategic options and choice
  • Strategy Implementation and Management of Chang
  • Entrepreneurship – meaning and importance; Entrepreneur Vs Intrapreneur
  • Understand the Entrepreneurial Process
  • Finding the opportunity
  • Evaluating the opportunity; Business Model and Strategy
  • Putting it together – The business plan – I
  • Putting it together – The business plan – II
  • Financing the Business - Risks and Financing options
  • Organizing the enterprise for execution

Admission Process

Please call to admission counselor for course fees, registration fees, EMI fecilities,registration form and other formalities. Contact to admission counselor

Minimum Eligibility

Graduate with minimum 50% Marks from a recognized UGC/AICTE approved University/Institute

Entrance Process

All applicants will have to appear at a two-hour online test called Perspective and Aptitude Test (PAT)- to be organized by The Strategy Academy Centre for Advanced Studies

This Course Include:
  • Live Instructor-Led Course
  • Project and Case Studies
  • Certificate of completion
  • Learn from Experts
  • Placement Assistance
  • Assistance for Global Certification