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Applied ML,AI using Python

Applied ML,AI using Python

12 weeks
72 Hour

Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing

12 weeks
72 Hours
Professional Certificate in Business Analytics

Professional Certificate in Business Analytics

36 weeks
216 Hours
Professional Certificate In Data Science & Machine Learning

Professional Certificate In Data Science & Machine Learning

40 weeks
240 Hours
Certificate Program In HR Analytics

Certificate Program In HR Analytics

8 weeks
48 Hours
Excel Analytics

Excel Analytics

8 weeks
48 Hours

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Radhika Sengupta
Senior Analyst | HSBC
Sujit Dhar
Manager at HSBC
Tanvi Parasrampuria
Dy. Chief Manager at Aditya Birla
Soumya Maity
Statistical Programmer at Parexel
Amrita Bhattacharya
Risk Management
Sweata Sen
Analyst at JP Morgan
Architakamal Mitra
Manager at TCS
Pradipta Jana
Consultant Optometrist
Utkal Keshari Mohapatra
Financial Analyst
Prativa Choudhury
Research Assistant at AIIMS(Delhi)
Abhishek Sharma
Biostatistician at Medclin
Chandra Chatterjee
Data Analyst at AIMLEAP

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Data Science Interview Questions, Part -2
Data Science

Discuss about the technique of sampling and its advantage? If there is a large volume of a data set then the process of data analytical process cannot be successfully completed in one time.

Data Science Interview Questions   Part: 1
Data Science

Data Science Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that incorporates Physics, Mathematics, Statistics and computer Science. Data Science transformed the raw data into an ordered sequence to get the correct variable. The probable contents of Data Science are SAS, Python, R Programming, SQL, Data Visualization tool etc.

Artificial Intelligence Career Prospects
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the intelligence exhibited by the machines. By acquiring intelligence, although artificial, the machines will become capable of working and reacting like humans. Today, the synthetic intelligence that exists is termed as narrow or weak AI. The longer-term objective of the researchers is to make general or strong AI with the power to perform almost every perceptive task. Alongside this, its future scope is enhancing then is that the curiosity of the individuals towards this field.

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Titly Biswas
Data Science

Handson is the best place for learning Data Science. Previously I had no knowledge about how computer programing works and I used to get frightned taking this. But within 2weeks my confidence grew up and I can actually code the required question. Thanks to Handson for boosting me up.

Shakya Banerjee
Data Science

This is a great platform to learn SAS and Data Analytics. The faculty are very friendly and they ensure every new student learns thoroughly the course at their own pace.

Debika Ghosh
Data Science

In a short period of time I come to learn that this institution is very helpful to all the student. They teach us in a excellent way. All the notes are easy to read and I found the home work challenging. The environment of the class is friendly and the faculties guide us individually. I strongly recommend The Data science course of Hands-On-System to everyone.

Anubrata Dutta
Anubrata Dutta
Data Science

Best environment and facilities are too good even teaching power is seriously too good and I'm happy for joining here for data science or machine learning

Avinaba Mukherjee
Avinaba Mukherjee
SAS Clinical Data Management

This is the best institute for data science courses.Faculties memmbers are very good, sir who guide their students very well.

Indra Majumdar
Indra Majumdar
Data Science

It is early days of my training but the faculty is great. Our mentor addressing every individual concerns with great care. Looking for a great training I upcoming days.

Pradipta Jana
SAS Clinical Data Management

Although from a different stream of educational background and professional experience, the unique teaching techniques of the institute has imparted me with the knowledge and confidence to provide my services to other organisations in future. The mentors are highly supportive and motivate the students to take up bigger responsibilities in their future endeavours. Overall it has been a very rich learning experience and I feel confident to take more challenges in the times to come.