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Handson is an online learning platform, offers live instructor-driven courses that provide beginners to experienced professionals who want to enhance their technology, management and other skills. Handson is an initiative of Novel Research, Development & Welfare Trust.Our past and present partners are as Follows:

  • AIMA
  • Operation Research Society of India
  • SAS Institute

Faculty Development & Professional Training Programs Delivered At:

  • Indian Statistical Institute (ISI - Population Dept.)
  • Institute of Business Management(JU)
  • Calcutta University - Salt Lake Campus

Handson is an open, connected online learning platform allows information to flow freely among everyone. This platform developed with a purpose to explore finest courses, to choose the right course for you and to learn and get recognition by top Universities, Institutes and training providers in one place from virtually anywhere.

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Handson offers the online learning; you need to develop new skills, improve your team’s work, and advance your professional career.

Earn globally recognized credentials to validate your expertise amongst your employer, team, and industry peers.

We Believe

  • “You Must Be The Change You Wish To See In The World.”

  • Our Services Should Be Available To Everybody, Irrespective Of Whether They Can Afford It.

  • We Aspire To Do No Harm And Benefit All.

  • We Are Always Dependent On Each Other And Thus We Are Responsible For Each Other And Future Generations.