The New ERA of Digital Marketing
  • by Team Handson
  • July 29, 2022
The New ERA of Digital Marketing

We know that we are completely technology driven, but how can we make our work easier and more interesting? The digital marketing world, we know for a long time how effective digital marketing can be. In a changing world where we are updated from Traditional driven world to Technological driven world, see how digital marketing is carried out today.

Digital marketing is just magic…

Many of us might be thinking that Digital Marketing is something very huge and complicated. But no, it’s not. Digital Marketing is something like a helping hand in need of busy world.

Every one of us is wanting their life to be successful let it be any field. But Digital Marketing is the best platform where we can give new heights to our business. Print ads, radio spots, and televisions may sound sexy, but with today’s connected consumer, these tactics don’t make much of an impression on traffic numbers, sales volume, or order values.

That’s why successful businesses believe in digital marketing.
We will come to know about what digital marketing is, how it’s done and what strategy we should use to boost sales and boost profits.

Digital Marketing which is also additionally referred to as Online Marketing platform. This is an online platform where we connect with all the corners of our world to Promote our brand or product to connect with all the potential customers world-wide. In this
process we use different marketing campaign that appear on a computer, phone, tablet, or another device. We take various platforms like online video, displaying ads, social media posts in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more. Previously only Television was the only medium of promoting the product in Traditional Marketing system. But now in Technological world there are lots of social media platforms.

Marketing is to form the proper offer at the proper time within the right place. Usually, we research in Internet regarding the product in the various platforms. So, we need to grab the attention of the potential customers. If the proper place and within the right time, the product is highlighted than, this product will be more interesting and eye- catching.

Traditional marketing was time consuming, difficult to trace, and expensive. Which is why digital marketing has completely changed the sport. This is why digital marketing is easier. It gives you multiple channels where you’ll connect with people. And you can have conversations with them in real time, so you’ll answer their questions and overcome objections as they arise. But that’s not all. Digital marketing is also faster. Gone are the times of massive print runs and mailouts. You can write an email
campaign within the morning and send it out on an equivalent day. Digital marketing is the new edge of marketing in this computer generation. Digital marketing utilizes internet and online based digital technologies and gadgets to reach your brand voice to the world.

Types of Digital Marketing

Direct Marketing

It works as a process of communication which happens between an organization and the pre-selected customer and supply a method for a direct response. Direct Marketing has a nature of mass marketing.

Social Media Marketing

It is a marketing activity in all social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. SMM includes campaigns, paid marketing, content marketing in platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and any kind of social media.

Email Marketing 

It is a process of marketing through emails. Email marketing also involves websites, social media, blogs, landing pages, campaigns, 1:1 email. Email marketing majorly works as a tool to build relationships with customers or drive them towards the specific page the marketer wants.

Content marketing

It focuses on creating the right content for the targeted audiences of the business, publishing and distributing content at the right platform to gain traffic and revenue. Content marketing can be done through social media, Emails and all other platforms. Content Marketing always caters a purpose.

Affiliate Marketing

It is performance-based marketing, where the affiliate gets paid whenever he/she sells something.  Affiliate Marketing can be done in any business and anyone can become an affiliate. Affiliates earns on commission basis on products sold.

Referral Marketing

It is method of promoting products. It can be through word-of-mouth as well as with links. With the help of referral marketing. Many businesses make a better revenue, and also the person referring the product or the service gets a commission.

“So, in this changing world lets be the change. And let’s be Digitally updated.”