Stop wasting time and learn R-programming
  • by Team Handson
  • August 26, 2022
Stop wasting time and learn R-programming

R is a popular software, commonly used in Data Analytics, statistical computing, and scientific research. Statisticians, data analysts, researchers, and marketers use this language to retrieve, clean, examine, visualize, and bestow data. It provides a large variety of statistical and graphical techniques such as time-series analysis, clustering, classification, etc. Its expressive syntax and easy-to-use interface make it immensely popular among people in recent years.
Why people think to learn R programming:
·         It is open-source and free software
·         Research says it is the trendiest programming language in the Data Science and  Machine Learning Field
·         R runs on all accepted platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac
·         It makes you stand out from the horde, learning R increases your chance of getting a job instantly
·         Biggest tech giants such as Microsoft, Twitter, Ford, Google, etc use this language
·         It is the right combination of simplicity and power to be used for estimating decisions
·         It allows you to achieve high-paid work opportunities
·         Most courses on Data Science include R in their programs because it is the data scientist’s favorite tool
R has found as an effective tool in Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning. It has a variety of packages for common Machine Learning chores like linear and non-linear regression, decision trees, linear and non-linear classification, and many more. Every person from Machine Learning admirers to researchers use this language to execute machine learning algorithms in fields like research, finance, genetics, retail, marketing, and health care.
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